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Would you be interested in watching me stream while I draw? 

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Out of the Deep by Ningaella3
Gasp, I've hit 1000 watchers!! Thank you all so much for the support :D 
Fun event coming soon (ish)~ :P 
Tons of The Lost Continent (Book 11) was released on Amazon!! Including tribe designs, powers, the map of Pantala, the new prophecy, AND snippets from the prologue & first several chapters! *And the epilogue too, so careful of spoilers…
^ Click "Look Inside" located above the cover image
Or check the thread here:…
Any watchers who have an iPad Pro for drawing - what case do you use? (if you use a case at all?) (I'm notorious for dropping stuff so I don't wanna break it X'D) 
Edit: Case to hold the iPad, not drawing program - thanks for all the advice on that too though :3
So, Tui is doing The Lost Continent Release Party on June 26th in Washington DC, which I will be attending! :3 I'm super excited, I've never met Tui but I am VERY eager to be able to meet and shake the hand of the Wings of Fire queen herself! The event itself starts at 7 PM, but I'll probably be at the store by 5 or 6 PM to pick up a copy of Lost Continent for the signing and chat with anyone. I'd love to meet others in the fandom if they're going to the event as well, I have 2 red streaks in my hair so I guess that's how anyone can recognize me, lol. 
(And I'm excited for the release of TLC itself, of course!) 

If anyone could suggest questions I could try to pose to Tui in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated! Of course I won't be able to ask her *everything* but I'm sure there's stuff that I am curious about that I haven't thought of yet. :P 

Current Question List: 
- What is Clearsight's eye color? + She has been described to be sleek and black, but does she have any hues in her scales (like Moon was described to have hues of purple?) (I think this question is like my most important one lol) 
- Are Turtle and Moon reincarnations (or have some sort of symbolic connection) to Fathom and Clearsight respectively? 
- Is Qibli supposed to be representative of Darkstalker or of Sunstreak? Did you end up picking Moonbli to end the Winter-Moon-Qibli triangle because of this symbolism & did you know all along since Book 6 that you wanted to end the triangle like that, or did you decide when writing Darkness of Dragons? 
- Do Silk and HiveWings' wings bend at an elbow joint/can they bend their wings at the elbows like Pyrrhian dragons, or do they always hold their wings straight out like insects? (From Reborn) 
- There is a theme across Wings of Fire that essentially says forcing dragons to become something else via magic or coercion is wrong. (Shown with: Arctic taking over Whiteout's mind and forcing her to escape the Night Kingdom with him, the imprisonment of Hailstorm by turning him into Pyrite, Peril being forced into following Queen Scarlet due to the necklace Chameleon gave her, Anemone forcing Kinkajou to love Turtle, Darkstalker taking over Winter's mind and Anemone's mind, and such). However, the second arc ended with Kinkajou forcing Darkstalker to become Peacemaker against his will. How did you feel about writing that - do you think there is a way that theme can be reconciled or do you think it disrupts the message? Or was it just that Darkstalker was so strong that it was the only option for defeating him? 
- The first arc, with the Dragonets of Destiny, contained a lot more descriptions of violence and gore than the second arc - Peril in general, Coral pulling Tortoise's teeth out, Blister stabbing Kestrel, Thorn stabbing Preyhunter, etc. What was the reason that you stopped writing as much draconic violence into the books? (Though, I guess the second arc had more mental violence). 
- Do NightWings get any powers if they are born under a lunar eclipse/blood moon? (Assuming the moon is full) 
- Were the dragonets in Darkstalker's vision that he gave to Moon in Book 6: the children of Glory/Deathbringer, Tsunami/Riptide, and Clay/Peril? (mentioned were a purplish dragonet, an orange dragonet, and a blue one). 
- Did Lagoon drive Albatross to insanity? Would Anemone have naturally ended up like Albatross, had she not had the support of dragons like Tsunami, Turtle and Auklet? Would Albatross have turned out more like Anemone if he had a support group? 
- There's a popular headcanon that instead of having visions, Fatespeaker is able to weakly read minds, which is why she has the mindreader scales. All her visions were actually her reading other dragons' minds. Is this true? Completely false? 
Do any other Pyrrhian tribes have a variation of firescales? Such as, like, an IceWing that freezes everything they touch, a RainWing with venom-coated scales, a SeaWing with some sort of control over water, etc? I'm also hoping the Pantalan tribes have special powers but I'm sure those would be spoilers. 
- Is it canon that a hybrid's dominant traits come from their mother, or just a coincidence? 

Also, for those who are looking out for the something special I wanted to do for 1,000 watchers, I'll be hosting a contest and some OTAs + Draw to Adopts so keep an eye out! However I want to finish up a few personal projects before I work on those :D

Art Status:
Commissions: Closed 
Trades: Only with mutuals, and generally not preferred right now
Collabs: Only if I request you
Requests: Closed Eternally

Owed Art/Reminder List:
- very, very long overdue prize to InfiniteFanatic and InkQuill 
- (ongoing) Collaborations with Verasaii 
- (ongoing) Collaborations with Frozen Gem
- MAP parts for Frozen Gem
- MAP part(s) for Jomadis


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feryannaGR8 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
I hope that when Moon and Luna meet, they'll acknowledge the fact that they have the same name, but just in a different language...(woah side thing, but what if the Plantelan language before Clearsight was the dragon version of Spanish?)
SquiggledEyedRabbit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Sorry to advertise on your profile. (I know some people hate it, im not a fan of it as well but l i k e we really wanna get this group out there because we have a lot of cool ideas!) 

I am an admin on the recently started Warriors RP group :iconhighstonewarriors: and we are looking for new members, as well as some high ranks! We have seen your involvement with other groups and would love for you to join us <3 (Feel free to ignore/hide comment if you're not interested!)
Biohazardia Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
I do like these types of groups, but I'm busy running my own Wings of Fire based group at the moment :) I'll leave the comment up though if anyone wants to check the group out, it looks interesting! 
SquiggledEyedRabbit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for considering and allowing me to keep this up on your page then <3 
CalmoFlamingo Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
Have a good pigeon appreciation day !! (it's in fact the 13 june)
PIGEONS PIGEONS PIGEONS nice by FunnyGoatPerson 
elementalgirl101 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your art
PuppyDigitalized Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Biohazardia Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Awww thanks <3 
PuppyDigitalized Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rin, your way better than reborn. (not to insult her/him)
Biohazardia Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Student General Artist
Heh, thank you for the compliment, but Reborn does an amazing job! I have quite a lot I can learn from her :) 
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